New Book Series Available

The One Light Series provides insights into supernatural and extreme situations and how the light of one person can change a moment, an entire situation, and eventually the world.

Standing in a Dead Man’s Body

The first title of The One Light Series, Standing in a Dead Man’s Body, released December 20, 2020. Several more titles are expected to pop the first half of 2021.

As one of my most memorable supernatural experiences, Standing in a Dead Man’s Body, I understood very little. Through my years of working with the dead and dying, I have grown to understand my experience. This adventure sparked a search that made it possible for me to survive my first near-death experience.

In an attempt to bring you along through what was a very expansive moment in my life, I have left the very complicated storyline as I consciously experienced it—confusing, poetic, and understated. To help you grow through the information, I have included footnotes. These can help you expand your knowledge, prepare your awareness for an invitation to witness, and when your time comes you can go fearlessly and unencumbered.

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