I Hold My Breath When…Things End

Amazing support hosted by
Wanderer’s Handbook

About today’s Meme:

I stand in awe and gratitude of your participation in my life

As always, the journey for me to help others creates great joy and benefit in my own life.

This month, my immediate family and friends have found themselves in a state of awareness. They have shared really great stories in which they realized they have been holding their breath. Gratitude fills me up knowing they have been able to use the support of community, contemplation, and communication to choose their freedom and flow over stagnation and physical degeneration.

My extended community, each of you, have reached out in one way or another. You have shared your energy, your heart and soul, and your strife. I am in awe of your journey! This awe-inspired observation of your journeys’ has brought back so many joyful memories.

Keep in mind, it is our memories that tie us in a healthy way to the past and future. Our memories allow us to adjust from the inside out and to show others the benefits of our lives.

As we are all one, I am grateful that you could find some comfort, knowledge, inspiration, and solace in the pieces of my life that this campaign has given me space to share. Thank you.

Take care, be well, and remember to breathe!

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