Hello everyone! We are always looking for new and easy ways to get YOU involved in the conversation. Our latest opportunity is a weekly forum on Clubhouse. Join myself and Laura C. Cantu weekly on Clubhouse for entertaining and educational discussions. When:Tuesdays5:30 pm Pacific Time Zone6:30 pm Mountain Time Zone7:30 pm Central Time Zone8:30 pm Eastern Time Zone Where:Clubhouse (You currently need an apple product … Continue reading Clubhouse

New Book Series Available

The One Light Series provides insights into supernatural and extreme situations and how the light of one person can change a moment, an entire situation, and eventually the world. Standing in a Dead Man’s Body The first title of The One Light Series, Standing in a Dead Man’s Body, released December 20, 2020. Several more titles are expected to pop the first half of 2021. … Continue reading New Book Series Available