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Christine Contini

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis age 30. – GONE! Heart attack, age 37. No oxygen flowing through the body for 45 minutes. – DIED! Revived, but professionals declared she would live in a vegetative state. NO WAY! Christine Contini is a living miracle. After a massive heart attack left her without hope of recovery, the doctors informed her family that she would live the remainder of … Continue reading Christine Contini

Death: Awakening to Life

Comes out April 1, 2018 Order your pre-sales now on Barnes and Nobels Ibooks through your app Advanced Reviews: An astonishing first-person account of what happens to us after we die. If anyone is remotely curious about this–and who isn’t?–this book is a must-read. Eleanor Herman New York Times best-selling author I was absolutely riveted by the author’s story. Christine Contini writes very well … Continue reading Death: Awakening to Life

Journey Beyond the Veil

Interested in seeing Christine Contini in person? Here’s one of her featured talks. To be notified of location and dates of presentation contact us. Journey Beyond the Veil without Having a Near-Death Experience “Your life can be beautiful beyond belief when you push through the secrecy of the veil and remember the fullness of who you are.” – Christine Contini Many Near-Death Experiencers have shared … Continue reading Journey Beyond the Veil