Hello everyone! We are always looking for new and easy ways to get YOU involved in the conversation. Our latest opportunity is a weekly forum on Clubhouse.

Join myself and Laura C. Cantu weekly on Clubhouse for entertaining and educational discussions.

5:30 pm Pacific Time Zone
6:30 pm Mountain Time Zone
7:30 pm Central Time Zone
8:30 pm Eastern Time Zone

Clubhouse (You currently need an apple product to participate while the application is in Beta)

Follow me to be notified when I am speaking:

Last week’s enlightening topic “Spiritual Awakening-Why are you lonely?” can be seen below. The format is this: the panel speaks first, then people in the room are invited to share their stories and input. We would love to have you all join us and share your great adventure Tuesday, March 16th!

Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side!

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