I Hold My Breath When…It is Time for Bed

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About Today’s Meme:

Discomfort at bedtime can come from many directions—subconscious programming about stress, the anticipation of what will come tomorrow, childhood fear of the dark, dietary issues, emotional and mental control, the loss of a loved one, and more. Your monkey mind and thoughts that go round and round each contributes to a wakeful state when you want to be asleep.

No matter the reason, your loss of peaceful breath at bedtime can ruin what could be a comfortable night’s sleep. Take time throughout your day to check in with your thoughts, emotions, and personal needs. That way when night falls, you won’t fall into the trap again of having to get in all sorted out when your head and pillow have other plans for you.

For the days that you do wait until the last minute, make sure you have a few relaxing breath techniques already in your toolbox so you can achieve the rest you need and deserve.

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