I Hold My Breath When…There is Conflict

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About the Meme:

You have just been through a traumatic experience. Instead of being able to focus on what is important, you are worried about insurance, getting to work tomorrow, what will your family say, and more.

What if in these moments people could learn to focus on each other and themselves. Step one, is everyone okay? Step two, stay in the present need and leave the thoughts of the future for later. Step three, repeat step one.

At this moment, what is it each person needs to be okay? Events can have a truly different feel and outcome if you realize conflict is always a misunderstanding. It is fear rising to the surface. It is thoughts and history that cannot be communicated fast enough to the other person. As long as you keep this in mind and you do not take the behavior of others personally, in these moments you can usually get through things okay.

Breath plays an important part in these experiences. Once you let your breathing get away from you, it takes more effort to get it under control. Having a few practiced breath patterns that are effective for you as tools can shift you immediately into a place where you are okay.

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