In 2001, Christine Contini was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After a decade of extensive hands on research and work in self-healing, Christine dedicated her life to teaching these principles to others. “When I started my healing journey, I had no one to guide me. I remember praying for someone, hoping there were real answers for healing. It took me years to find the answers on my own. I want to help others find their way to healing without struggle and the time lost that I experienced.”

For the first three years of her diagnosis, Christine was a very traditional MS patient and followed Western concepts of medication and rest. Although the pain management medicines and anti-depressants allowed her to function at a higher level than without, she still believed complete healing could be attained. At the beginning of her research she found Water Therapy, which increased her mobility. She added chiropractic visits twice weekly, which helped with pain. “I noticed the biggest change occur when I started the Swank MS diet,” says Christine. “After a few weeks, I was able to handle stress. After a few months, I curtailed off the Swank MS diet and noticed the return of some of the MS symptoms. The difference on and off the diet was striking.” Doctors of Osteopathy worked on her blood. She also practiced visualization meditation for healing and nerve damage, chanting, mantras, and prayer. These were all part of her total healing equation. After three years in a new direction towards healing, Christine still felt something was missing. Until she worked with an Intuitive Healer, her symptoms kept reappearing. With this guidance, she began including chakra balancing. This was the final piece of her healing puzzle. She now understood the healing journey, “The final spirit component allowed me to gain control over my health. I was able to reach a point of being symptom and medication free through Body, Mind, and Spirit wellness.”

Raised Catholic, Christine did not have knowledge of the esoteric world. In 2008 her life would change forever.  She had a massive heart attack and a Near Death Experience. This experience gave her an understanding of energy previously unknown—energy for healing, energy that exists in and around all of us all the time.