New Book Added to the Series

The One Light Series provides insights into supernatural and extreme situations and how the light of one person can change a moment, an entire situation, and eventually the world.

Rising From the Ashes

The second title of The One Light Series, Rising From the Ashes, released August 25th, 2021.

The moment Syndell, Christine’s eighteen-month-old daughter, says, “Shhhh, he’s sleeping,” Christine is brought into an alternate reality. The knowledge that life really does exist past death awakens her ability to see, hear, and help the now-deceased Uncle Ricky to cross to the other side.

This true-life experience confronts spiritual gaps regarding the death and dying process and includes specific knowledge about:

  • How grief ties the dead to Earth
  • What the Angle of Acceleration is and how it allows a person to cross to the other side
  • The impact of cremation on a soul level
  • True purpose and hold of the veil on our lives
  • A single belief can control your experience for a lifetime

The detailed packed short story reveals the process of dying not only impacts the deceased but also the living. Those left behind work together as a group, teaming up through extended support from the other side, to achieve their soul-level goals obscured by the ever changing veil.

As the second truly eye-opening supernatural experience of my life, Rising From the Ashes, I comprehend more scientific details than I ever could have imagined. This adventure occurs prior to my first near-death experience, further opening my awareness and making it possible for me to survive my own death.

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