I Hold My Breath When…I Put on a Mask for the First Time

Amazing support hosted by
Wanderer’s Handbook

About Today’s Meme:

Breath is the gentlest tool you have to create energy and wellness. Additionally, breath has massive amounts of power. The slightest alteration to your breath can over time:

  • Decrease the amount of oxygen you take in per breath
  • Lessen the support carbon dioxide has on toxin release
  • Weaken your diaphragm
  • Take more energy as your exertion to breathe grows
  • Increase the number of breaths per minute
  • Elevate emotions beyond what is real at the moment

The way you breathe triggers a wave of physiological responses through the body. You can literally breathe your way to fear and joy because your system is trained to act on your breathing patterns.

When you become aware that you have altered your natural breath, you can take steps to retrain your breathing and return to healthy patterns. Healthy breath patterns support your body’s needs and create wellness.

Go to Wanderer’s Handbook for exercises, methods, articles, breath work support, and the replay of the daily live instagram video. Remember, every Breath Campaign Meme has support. Be sure to check out each page past the video. There, you can find shared exercises, methods, articles, and breath work.

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