I Hold My Breath When…I am Under Water

About today’s Meme:

Symbolically, to be in water is to be in life:

  • If you dream of being near water and the land you are on is dry and without growth and change, then you can look at your life and see where you are afraid to engage more completely with the opportunities of living.
  • If the water pump on your car keeps breaking, you can look at how are you not moving in your life and where do you give others the authority to move you in ways you do not want.
  • If the pipes in your home are constantly getting leaks or in need of repair, you can look at how are you living without actually living life to the fullest of your desires.

The blessing of water touches everything, just as the breath of your body changes everything. When you cry there is an attempt to create change in your life, to bring attention to how you are somehow separate from what is possible. Emotions come after feelings. They are your guidance system and they can show you how you have blocked your ability to connect to the truth of yourself. Check to see if you use the beliefs and obligations to others to control life instead of living life.

The responsibility of breath is yours. Breathing deep allows you to be in life fully. Consider how different breath patterns give you back control of your life in moments you need it. Try experimenting with breath, it can give you a more full and rich life experience. 

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