I Hold My Breath When…Told to Be Still

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Wanderer’s Handbook

About Today’s Meme:

As humans, you are designed to be active and to act. The freedom to do as you need is continuously interrupted when you are a child by those in authority over you. 

Because of this control, you learn to force yourself to be still even when you do not want to be. This control continues into your adult life and creates a habit of sedentary behavior, which in turn affects your breathing.

Sitting still does not promote deep relaxing breath, effort does. To change this behavior of stagnation you can establish a habit of breath work, movement, and a change in your beliefs. To create change for yourself, you can set timers or reminders. It is too easy to let the entire day slip by spent completely in habitual, repeating behaviors that you do not want. Your effort will open space for you to create something you do want.

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