I Hold My Breath When…The Sun Lights My Path

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Wanderer’s Handbook

About the Meme:

For many, beauty has the impact of awe. When you think of awe, holding your breath is a natural part of the process. For most, it looks something like this:

At the first sign of something awe-inspiring, you take a short, shallow in-breath through your mouth. This inhale is followed by a holding of your breath. If you’re like me, your eyes get wider in an attempt to take it all in. Your jaw may drop a bit or a lot. Finally, you breathe again, exhaling slowly through your open mouth.

Normally, after this pattern of awe has completed, you return to a slow, deep breathing rhythm.

Think of awe as a natural reset for your breath. This breath pattern is ingrained in your system. Take some time to be inspired, to experience awe daily for health and wellness.

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