I Hold My Breath When…It is Time to Reconnect

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About Today’s Meme:

Think about times in your day when you felt suddenly drained. Remember the feeling of muscle fatigue? How your thoughts get cloudy and you have to fight to shake it off, how it feels a bit later when you suddenly are awake and aware again? If you didn’t fight it, you would likely be pushed under and end up taking a pseudo nap. During this subconscious push, your system is trying to reset, balance, and reconnect the body, mind, brain, spirit, and energetic systems as one.

But for most people, taking a nap during a busy day is an impossibility. Is it really? Or have you just been programmed to think it is? The next time you get this feeling, instead of shaking it off, consider taking a twenty-minute siesta.

One of the indicators of this deep, subconscious push to rest is that your breath changes. Your chest feels heavier and you just want to lie down. When you allow yourself to fall into the ease of that breath, you go into a trance state, a deep yet light state of unconscious control, where you are neither awake nor asleep. This is the space where you can heal faster and meet more of your wellness needs with less time. It is the space where the answers you have been praying for easily flow into your thoughts. It is the space where you feel as one with yourself and the world around you. It is the space of reconnection.

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