I Hold My Breath When…I am in the Past

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About today’s Meme:

I Hold My Breath When…I am in the Trauma of My Past

Trauma is always relevant. No matter what your traumatic experience is, for you, it has impact and lasting control over the way your subconscious supports your experience of daily life.

The past repeats over and over until you make a change. The goal is to break the habitual, ingrained belief that ties you to your past and predicts an unwanted future. Here are a few types of changes that overtime with practice could work to break the subconscious habitual connection.

Breath work: Find a breathing exercise that helps you separate from the past and remain focused on the truth of this moment. 

Question: At this moment, what can be different? At this moment what can I choose that will empower me to be okay, clear up my regret, eliminate my fear?

Mantra: At this moment I am not the person I was in the past and I can accomplish anything I choose. There is nothing at this moment that can keep me in the past.

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