Breath Campaign, Truly Inspired

Truly inspired, the Breath Campaign has been a surprise to me from the get-go. I was on the phone with a friend chatting about how Covid19 Pandemic mask wearing would have a permanent impact on our breath. The conversation was neither pro nor against mask wearing, just about how breath is changed. I insisted that those who enjoyed the “hiding” would feel extreme discomfort once “seen” again. We concluded the conversation acknowledging that people would need breath support once the masks came off.

I hung up from that call, to be visited by an explosion of memories. Memories of childhood Asthma, of being unable to breath when I sobbed over heartache, and the way my breath halted under the grip of fear when I thought I might be in trouble. As a kid, I hated those feelings so much that I took control of my breath and ended the physical distress, emotional suffering, and fearful need to run and hide. I was in control, and the flow of my breath would never again be the same.

A Journey of Breath

In my early thirties, I noticed that breath control was a gentle, casual interaction during lyrical conversations which gave me and the other person a feeling of depth and connection. My life long struggle with Asthma was also eliminated by understanding the personal control I had over my breath (I will share these stories and more during the campaign).

In my late thirties I began working with others regarding energy and energy patterns. One day in the life of my wellness practice, breath showed up as a method for release. A pattern emerged during sessions and I smiled as I realized breath control was a crucial part of releasing clients from their physical, emotional, and mental pain. During the process, breath could go from the softest of support to the most forceful control possible, fluctuating based on need and how many layers a person had managed to entangle during their creation of each experience.

Over the years, as personal, client, and group work continued, breath has had this magical way of showing me where the energy and body blocks were held. There were even times during this work that the release was too complicated for breath. Rather, breath got in the way of the release and had to be halted to complete the work. I realized that holding breath became part of the solution and could not always be thought of as a problem.

What Followed

The support of breath work helped me make changes with thousands of people. Yet, I noticed when the person had the same or similar experience again, out of habit they brought everything back. The work had to be done again.

After a couple years of repeat work, the realization came. The solution: teach people to do the work themselves. If a person understood breath work, they could create immediate change for themselves. No more 2 A.M. calls from friends and clients in need!

What’s Next

As I daydreamed, I considered when the work would be needed, and I thought, “Why wait until the masks come off, breath work is needed now!” It was only a short hop, skip, and a jump to arrive here, at the beginning of the Breath Campaign.

Over the next thirty days (more if I am having fun, you guys feel supported, and the thoughts and contributions keep coming) we will dive into what breath is, how it impacts you daily, when you actually learned to control your breath, and how to use that control for your advantage and daily wellness.

Perhaps, like me, you will realize you have been on a journey of breath your entire life. We all have!

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