Journey Beyond the Veil

Interested in seeing Christine Contini in person? Here’s one of her featured talks. To be notified of location and dates of presentation contact us.

Journey Beyond the Veil without Having a Near-Death Experience

“Your life can be beautiful beyond belief when you push through the secrecy of the veil and remember the fullness of who you are.” – Christine Contini

Many Near-Death Experiencers have shared their amazing stories about their travels beyond the veil. Most describe their experiences by saying there is nothing in their daily lives that even comes close to the glorious experience of what life is like beyond the veil.

In this talk, you will discover the purpose of the veil, understand why it exists, and be shown how to transcend the veil without having to die in the process! Once you push through it, you will understand why you will never want to hide on this side of the veil again.

This is your opportunity to learn about:

  • What the veil actually looks like and who controls it
  • The benefits of the veil
  • What life looks like without the veil
  • What prevents you from pushing through the veil
  • How holding the veil breaks down the body to cause aging and disease
  • How synchronicity works without the veil
  • How to draw the divine aspect of yourself into your body

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