Death: Awakening to Life

Comes out October 31, 2017

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Advanced Reviews:

An astonishing first-person account of what happens to us after we die. If anyone is remotely curious about this–and who isn’t?–this book is a must-read.

Eleanor Herman
New York Times best-selling author

I was absolutely riveted by the author’s story. Christine Contini writes very well and has a lyrical style that affects the reader in a positive, visceral way. She’s an absolutely amazing person and one has the opportunity to learn a great deal from her life’s journey.

5 out of 5 stars
Absolutely loved the book, how a journey of wellness and working with the universe by using energetics we can become awareness of mind body and spirit. Inspires others with how to access conscious awareness and return our lives to a even balance putting us back in control.

5 out of 5 stars
This book did not disappoint. The book goes into great detail, and for me answers so many questions I had.

I highly recommend it.

4 out of 5 stars
I enjoyed this book and the authors experience. I liked reading about the authors realizations.

A stand-alone major addition to the evolution of After-Life communications and healing with light activations. Reminiscent of Jane Roberts and Carlos Castenada. Highly recommended.

What happens to us when we die is a subject that has fascinated me for years so the title of this book instantly appealed to me.

Like Christine my spirituality was awoken in 2009 as a result of reading similar books to this. I realized that there is more to life than existing and suffering and that we are all here to fulfill our own divine purpose on earth and that each of us has a blueprint like the one mentioned by Christine in this book that was written before we were born.

This book is honest, well written and even the author, in the beginning, has her doubts as to whether her out of life death experiences are real or imaginary.

I think this book will appeal to readers who have already begun to explore and awaken to the true meaning of life or have some knowledge of what they believe ‘happens to us’ when we die. It isn’t for sceptics.

For me, the book has confirmed my belief that death is nothing to fear and that we are in control of our own thoughts and feelings. It has made me want to restart my daily meditations and explore this subject further.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in spirituality and life after death. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review it.

The title Death Awakening To Life describes the author’s experience that dying doesn’t mean you don’t exist any longer, but that you aren’t housed any longer in your body. Her life changed the day she had a forbidding sense something big was going to happen. Her husband at the time had been researching the warning signs of a heart attack. She expressed her sense of unease.

This book is the author’s experience of what it was like having her heart attack and what happened afterwards. Christine’s journey after dying and then coming back to life is unique. This experience helped shape what her life’s mission has become today.
I received an ARC of Death Awakening To Life by Christine Contini from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. This book covered a lot of topics that were over my head. Some of them have to do with how the author helps people who are either passed on or in the process of crossing over. Quantum physics was mentioned, as well as the author being able to hear people’s thoughts of those who have passed on.

This book is definitely out of my spiritual comfort zone. Even so, Christine writes in a very down to earth manner, so even if the topics might be a bit heavy she writes in a way you don’t feel talked down to. Thank you for sharing your journey Christine.

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