Christine Contini

Christine Contini is a living miracle. After a massive heart attack left her without hope of recovery, the doctors informed her family that she would live the remainder of her life in a vegetative state.

The medical professionals are still baffled as to how Christine not only defied death, but came back to full consciousness and was able to work her own way back to her divine health. Through her own pursuit of studies, she also completely freed herself from multiple sclerosis.

Christine was raised Catholic and had no previous knowledge of the esoteric world. However, during the heart attack, Christine had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) which gave her access to the understanding of how energy works. The knowledge she received was unparalleled in her daily existence. As a result, her ability to assist others in healing both the energetic patterns and physical ailments that had often challenged them for years was first born.

Christine is a healer, a speaker, a teacher, and the author of Death – Awakening to Life (the first of three books) in which she shares her amazing story and the knowledge she received after returning from beyond the veil. She leads “The STUDY”– groups for people who want to take their understanding of how to heal themselves far beyond the book; and she offers 30-day programs for people who want to go deeper in their own personal process to create real and lasting change. She has teamed up with author Laura C. Cantu to create WANDERER’S HANDBOOK, which is a teaching website that offers online courses for self study.

4 thoughts on “Christine Contini

  1. Hi,
    I heard you tonight and I fully understand you.
    The stuff about being ready to go and mad anybody “saved” you. I know what you mean.
    But, I’m so happy to be alive. I just don’t know why because I want to go! I don’t fit here?
    I loved listening tonight
    18- June-2018


  2. Dear Christine
    I heard your story on Jimmy Church’s Fade to Black. I just want to say thank you for sharing the knowledge you were gifted with. One question that didn’t come up last night was, who created us? Were we created from already existing primates? I have so many questions like Do you face a different fate if you take your own life? I ask because of the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and someone close to me ended his life many years ago. I always wondered if he was happier. I hope your books can answer some of these questions. Fascinating interview. Just when I think I have a tiny bit of understanding my mind is again blown hearing you talk about the geometric patterns and how you just knew what they meant, pink humanoid giraffes keeping you company, and the history of Egypt and it’s flying cars..thank you again Christine. Looking forward to reading your entire story!


    1. I have begun the work to channel our history. I have hours and hours of information already. Things like how the Universal Conscious Mind was formed and why, what makes Earth unique, the war on control, why the dinosaurs left, Native Americans choice to stay and die, and more. It will take years to get to all the information in detail. We do have quite a bit of information about Earth being the location of ascension and what has to happen to finish the process. Our primary focus is wellness so when I Channel most answers have to do with how to achieve wellness and what keeps us from being well.

      Regarding death, there are many variables that change the experience for the dying. We are working on several outlets to help share that information. The umbrella, Death: Awakening to Life, has a three book memoir series, ten short stories, and fourteen online courses that are planned for. As support for my work grows, we will be able to get more and more information out faster. I do have answers on the type of questions you asked and the answers are not found in the type of death a person experienced but rather in the support they had during the death process. The entire goal of The One Light Series of short stories is to help people find those answers and make sense of what is currently unknown to them. This series will be released for a limited time for free to all Wanderer’s Handbook members, so be sure to sign up and take advantage of that opportunity.

      Thank you so much for contacting me,
      Christine Contini


  3. It’s an interesting predicament for sure. I am glad I had help in seeing I actually do want to stay and I look forward to the work the insights have inspired. Thanks for connecting!


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